Search Engine Placement and Optimization – How to Get More Free Traffic

search engine placement and optimization

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Internet marketer” href=”” target=”_blank”>internet marketer, two extremely important topics for you are search engine placement and optimization of your webpage.  But do you understand exactly why they are so important?

It basically comes down to one word…traffic.

Having said that you may be wondering what search engine placement and optimization has to do with traffic…let me explain.

Search engine placement is essentially where your site ranks within a search engine.  For example, your website or page may be listed in Google on page 3 at number 25 of 535,000 results for a particular keyword you’re ranking for.

Optimization for the purposes of websites and keywords means to put all the right information in all of the right places on your site.  The right information being using the keywords you are trying to target and placing them in the right place AND right format.

These locations and formats are basically the keys Google and other search engines use to “unlock the mystery” regarding what your page is talking about.  By optimizing the page, the search engines don’t have to guess what the site is about.  They know because you’ve told them by placing your keywords where you did and formatting the other information the way you did.

The other important aspect of search engine placement and optimization is that they go hand in hand.  If you want to build your search engine ranking, optimizing the page will help.  And if you’re optimizing your page, most likely your search engine ranking will improve.

Having said this, now you must be aware of the two types of optimization.  They are referred to as on-page optimization.  While there is definite benefit to your search engine placement by performing on-page optimization, it only accounts for about 30% of the required work necessary to get a number 1spot in Google.  Here are some on-page optimization tactics you should perform on your page.

On page optimization:

  1. Title tags – Be sure to include your target keyword in your title.
  2. Meta description – make sure and incorporate your targeted keyword(s) in your description.  Don’t over stuff the description with keywords as Google would look at that as spam.
  3. Alt image tags – These tags are where you use your keyword to essentially label a photo via a link.
  4. anchor text – Anchor text is the process of making your targeted keyword the clickable link.

Off-page optimization for search engine ranking is basically getting the backlinks that tell Google and other search engine the “value” or authority of your site or webpage.  The bottomline is, the more backlinks you have, especially from relevant pages, the more authority you gain with your site.

Listed below are the ways to increase search engine placement and the optimization technique to accomplish that goal.

Off page optimization – backlinks

  1. articles
  2. social bookmarking
  3. video
  4. Press release
  5. blog comments
  6. PDF
  7. podcasts
  8. And more…

Apply these techniques to help optimize your site and increase your search engine ranking.  In a nutshell, these are the basics to achieving high search engine placement and optimization.

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