Market Research

Part of a successful campaign, one that will generate sales, is market research.  It’s through doing this research that you will find out who your buyers are and what it is they want.  Without this research it would by like trying to sell beef hot dogs at a restaurant that caters to vegetarians.  You may as well put out the going out of business sign research

This information on this page is going to teach you about how to do market research.  You’ll find out the information you need to know to discover who your buyers are.  You’ll find out about where to find the information and how to interpret it.  By discovering who your best clients are through market research, you be able to gain the knowledge you need to help cater to their needs.  And when you think about it, that’s all you want at the end of the day is a way to give your consumers what they want and in exchange they give you a “cash reward” by way of purchasing your product or the products you promote.

Now finding the data for your market research is fairly easy.  You can go to the following sites:

  • Dmoz
  • Google Trends
  • Google Insights
  • Yahoo’s Buzz Index
  • E-Bay Pulse

    to see what consumers are buying.  You can also go to sites like:

    • Quantcast
    • Google analytics
    • Webtrends
    • Ominture

    in order to learn the demographics of your customers.  Those would be things like gender, age, income levels, and more.

    Beyond gathering the the data, you’ll also need to interpret it and find out what it means to you as the marketer.  That will take some experience…and a little assistance allow the way is helpful.  While I’ve been doing market research for a few years, I still seek help to understand some of the data myself.   I get that help through my membership at Wealthy Affiliate.  This is the home of some of the most keen and successful marketers who have a strong desire to help fellow marketers succeed.  Their help has definitely contributed to my success.

    Interpreting the data you gather allows you to determine if your campaign should be more driven to the needs and desires of a young college age single male or a middle-aged married professional female.  Mis-interpretation will result in trying to offer your goods to the wrong customers.  This is goes back to the idea of selling the beef hot dogs to vegetarian customers.  No one is going to be interested in buying that product.

    So be sure to do your market research.  Serve you vegetarians a delicious spinach quiche and you’ll achieve success in your efforts as an affiliate marketer.  And if you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and the training they have available, especially when it comes to market research, take a look at WAU training.

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