Internet Marketing – An Alternative Career That Provides Opportunity, Especially When Your Current Job Doesn’t

Internet marketing is a career that offers you a number of options and benefits,

internet marketing

success with internet marketing

especially in a day and age when the company you’ve been loyal to isn’t returning that loyalty either in pay, benefits, or job security.  It’s not uncommon that if the company you’re with says goodbye handing you your red slip and last check as you head out the door, to not have any options for any other employment at any other company.  That action simply leaves you out of work and out of money.  However, an internet marketing career gives you more opportunity than that.

I’ve spent the last three years marketing online.  I started because my job at the time was going nowhere and honestly, I didn’t know if the next round of layoffs would take me down.  I had decided then it was time for something different and time for a better me, a better life.

Admittedly it was a rough start as I didn’t know what to do and had no one to guide me.  After about a year though, a friend of my who was quite successful as an internet marketer recommended a tool that she was sure would help.  A place where I could learn about everything related to online marketing.  I soaked up all I could, took the training, learned from other marketers, took advantage of the free tools, and my career took off.  Now that I have gained those skills, I want to share with you everything I know so you can enjoy the success I have and even more.

On this site we’ll learn the forms of internet marketing that are available.  (There’s one for every style.)  We’ll learn about SEO, (Search Engine Optimization for high search engine placement), keyword research, domain name selection, article marketing, owning your own virtual real estate, and a whole lot more.

Now I have to admit that I still use that same tool today that I used a couple of years back that got me where I am today.  The tool is actually an Internet Marketing School that I am a member of.  That school is Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU).  It is here that I learned everything about…well everything internet marketing related.  Plus, not only did I get to learn a tremendous amount about the topics mentioned above, but they provided free tools to help me perform the keyword research, an article writing tool, turn-key feeder sites, (IE: my own website), and a lot more.

They are constantly updating to newer techniques and improved tools.  Google changes means you can’t just sit back and say the work is done.  WAU site owners Kyle and Carson know this which is why they are continually working to make the site better and better.  Along with this they have a highly active forum where members are helping other members all the time to achieve success.  And yes, Kyle and Carson participate in offering information and responding to questions too.  It’s a very supportive environment that I love being a part of.

I guess this site in a way is my way of saying thank you to WAU and all of it’s members, my buddies and friends for everything they have done for me.  WAU made my internet marketing life…easy, fun, and a big success.

Click here to create your own internet marketing success story.  Wealthy Affiliate University.

Internet marketing is an excellent career choice that won’t leave you at the mercy of a company whose loyalty is based on the almighty dollar.  You can take control of your future and give yourself the biggest opportunity in your career and success in your life.  You can do it through internet marketing.

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