Beware of Make Money Online Scams – 5 Signs to Look for

In a time when people are desperate for work or looking for a way to make more money, there are a lot of “make money online scams.”  And these schemes are taking hard earned money out of the hands of innocent folks such as those who are out of work and searching for a job, those who are seeking a better career opportunity, and even individuals such as stay at home moms.make money online scams

While internet marketing does provide a legitimate income from working online, several other types of advertised online jobs do not and can be considered one of the many “make money online” scams.  Here are some things to look for to avoid these types of scams.

  • “Easy Get Rich Quick While Working from Home” promo – While there is great financial potential in internet marketing, it does require effort on the marketer’s part.  Be leery of any advertised job that promises online fortune with little to no effort.
  • Employer e-mails that are loaded with spelling and grammatical errors -Online scams are often perpetrated by individuals outside of the U.S.  As a result, English skills and proper knowledge of the English language is lacking.  “Make money online” scams will give way to close scrutiny of these types of e-mails.
  • A job the requires you to send money – Sending money to get information makes you extremely susceptible to online fraud.  Use caution when asked to send money for information and strictly avoid any position where wiring money is required.
  • A job promising something in return for your personal information – Sending your personal information is like opening the door to Pandora’s box with a guarantee of all things bad coming your way.  This holds especially true when the information pertains to a social security number or bank account information.
  • Salary and benefits offered seem too good to be true – The old adage that if it’s too good to be true it probably is remains as true today as the day it was first spoken.  When it comes to make money online scams, this is about as viable a test as there is.  Pay close attention to the intuitive signal inside you that goes off when hearing the offers that are too good to be true.

To ensure you’re working with a legitimate company check with the Better Business Bureau.  Doing so and paying attention to the steps above will help you to avoid any make money online scams that are out there.

Internet marketing is a way to earn a real living working online that allows for a great deal of potential.  Wealthy Affiliate University is one of those legitimate businesses that will help get you there.

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WordPress Blogs – What’s All the Hype About

WordPress Blogs make creating a website something as easy as spreading peanut butterWordPress Blog on bread.  Weird analogy I know.  I was trying to come up with something simple but I didn’t think riding a bike would work because, I don’t know about you but learning how to ride a bike for me posed a few challenges.  🙂

You may be shaking your head in disbelief right now…not about me learning how to ride my bike, (sorry, I couldn’t resist), but about creating a website being easy.  I’m here to tell you though, it’s the truth.

Now, I’m going to let you know right off that I’m not techie.  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, when I first started this gig 3 years ago, those whole idea of creating my own website scared the bejesus out of me.  I thought there’s no way I can do this.  I don’t know anything about creating this stuff.  What is html, wysiwyg, .php, or any of that stuff.  In fact, to avoid going through the agony of learning these things, I bought my first site.

But with the advent of WordPress Blogs and their ever growing popularity, I decided to dive in.  And guess what…I didn’t drown!  As a matter of fact I did the opposite, I started creating site after site after site.  I made sites about a variety of topics.  I used different designs and gave them different looks.  I did everything I wanted with my site and I did it on my own thanks to the WordPress Blogs.

With these blogs you don’t have to write any code.  All you have to do essentially is create the look you want and add the content.  And all of this happens in moments of clicking the publish button and is as easy to do as typing in a word document.

We’ll be covering more about WordPress Blogs in future posts.  And I’ll even let you in on the special training and access I have to the WordPress Blog templates I use, over 130 templates already set up and ready to go for me to use when I want based on the campaign and look I’m going for.  Plus, I get access at my finger tips to support in the event I have any questions about setting up, posting, optimizing, or anything else I want to do to the blog.  It definitely is the best tool around for my WordPress needs.

In future posts we will go over, themes, plug-ins, tags, SEO, adding pages, adding posts, and so much more.  You see why WordPress is such a valuable tool in helping you to achieve your internet marketing goals.  You will also get everything you need so that you too can be a WordPress Blog wizard.

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Search Engine Placement and Optimization – How to Get More Free Traffic

search engine placement and optimization

Getting high search engine placement through optimization - picture courtesy Fototsearch

Internet marketer” href=”” target=”_blank”>internet marketer, two extremely important topics for you are search engine placement and optimization of your webpage.  But do you understand exactly why they are so important?

It basically comes down to one word…traffic.

Having said that you may be wondering what search engine placement and optimization has to do with traffic…let me explain.

Search engine placement is essentially where your site ranks within a search engine.  For example, your website or page may be listed in Google on page 3 at number 25 of 535,000 results for a particular keyword you’re ranking for.

Optimization for the purposes of websites and keywords means to put all the right information in all of the right places on your site.  The right information being using the keywords you are trying to target and placing them in the right place AND right format.

These locations and formats are basically the keys Google and other search engines use to “unlock the mystery” regarding what your page is talking about.  By optimizing the page, the search engines don’t have to guess what the site is about.  They know because you’ve told them by placing your keywords where you did and formatting the other information the way you did.

The other important aspect of search engine placement and optimization is that they go hand in hand.  If you want to build your search engine ranking, optimizing the page will help.  And if you’re optimizing your page, most likely your search engine ranking will improve.

Having said this, now you must be aware of the two types of optimization.  They are referred to as on-page optimization.  While there is definite benefit to your search engine placement by performing on-page optimization, it only accounts for about 30% of the required work necessary to get a number 1spot in Google.  Here are some on-page optimization tactics you should perform on your page.

On page optimization:

  1. Title tags – Be sure to include your target keyword in your title.
  2. Meta description – make sure and incorporate your targeted keyword(s) in your description.  Don’t over stuff the description with keywords as Google would look at that as spam.
  3. Alt image tags – These tags are where you use your keyword to essentially label a photo via a link.
  4. anchor text – Anchor text is the process of making your targeted keyword the clickable link.

Off-page optimization for search engine ranking is basically getting the backlinks that tell Google and other search engine the “value” or authority of your site or webpage.  The bottomline is, the more backlinks you have, especially from relevant pages, the more authority you gain with your site.

Listed below are the ways to increase search engine placement and the optimization technique to accomplish that goal.

Off page optimization – backlinks

  1. articles
  2. social bookmarking
  3. video
  4. Press release
  5. blog comments
  6. PDF
  7. podcasts
  8. And more…

Apply these techniques to help optimize your site and increase your search engine ranking.  In a nutshell, these are the basics to achieving high search engine placement and optimization.

This information is just one of the multiple training topics available at the Wealthy Affiliate University, helping you to achieve success through internet marketing.  Click here == > to learn more about high search engine placement and optimization

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Improve Your Website for Organic Search to Increase Your Traffic Volume for Free

One of the best ways to increase your online traffic is to improve your website for organic search.  This requires what is commonly referred to as on-page SEO.  And the biggest advantage of this tactic is that the additional traffic you get from these changes is free.  The following actions will help you to achieve that goal.

Ideally, the best place to start to this task is with your domain name.  Whatever your main keyword may be, you want to try and include that word in the domain name you choose for your site.

If however, you already have a domain name already purchased and a developed website, there are several other things you can do to improve your website for organic search.

  • Use your keywords in your site’s title tag and description – Search engines use the title tags, meta tags, and meta descriptions to help determine what your site is about.  When you provide keywords in these places, you help Google to learn this information.
  • Use your keywords in the H1 and H3 tags – This is another place that Google gives a lot of weight to in order to determine the purpose of your webpage.
  • Interlink pages within your website – Interlinking or linking from one page on your site to another page on your site, without doing so excessively, is another plus that Google likes and a good way to improve your website for organic search.
  • Add links of other related high PR (page rank) to your site – To some this may seem like the very deed that will keep your site out of page 1 results.  The fact is though that Google likes to see these links.  It’s an indication to them that this is a quality site interesting in providing the best information to its readers.  Now mind you, these links don’t need to be overly obvious to detract the customer from staying on your site.  Simply add links on a page or two on the site in a place where they can be found…but not necessarily easily located.
  • Use alt image tags – an alt image tag is simply a tag used to name a picture you’ve placed on your site.  The use of alt image tags is definitely a factor to consider in order to improve your website for organic search.  Photos are a valuable asset to include on any site.  When you tag that photo with your keyword, you’ve given the search engines another indication as to what your site is about.
  • Use anchor text – anchor text is the text or alternate words used to name a link on your site and it works in much the same way as the alt image tag.  For example, if my link was, (I use this reference simply because I’m a huge dog fan, J), and my keyword is dog training Phoenix, I would use the keyword dog training Phoenix and make it a clickable link.
  • Use meta tags – This action is probably the most questionable among the experts when it comes to your efforts to improve your website for organic search.  The reason is that many skilled and knowledgeable SEO types believe the meta tag reference is no longer used by Google as it once was.  And I believe Google has even mentioned this fact.  Here are my thoughts, as well as those of many very successful internet marketing friends of mine.  Some testing shows these tags are still useful.  That being the case, if using them doesn’t harm the rank of the site, then adding them in certainly doesn’t hurt.

Incorporate these changes on your online page in order to improve your website for organic search, then watch your ranking…and your traffic explode.

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Benefits of Article Marketing – 5 Huge Benefits of Marketing Via Writing Articles

The benefits of article marketing are the main reason why this type of promotion is a favorite of online marketers.  Even if these marketers are not fans of writing articles themselves, they certainly appreciate the of article marketing as a viable marketing tool.  Upon reading these benefits, you’ll be able to see why marketing articles should be included as part of your internet marketing plan as well.

Here are 5 great benefits of article marketing:

First and foremost, if you are trying to create a brand for yourself or even simply establish trust between you and your reader/potential customer, writing articles allow you to do that.  By reading your written words and seeing what quality information you have to offer, your reader with come to trust you and see you as an expert.  This helps build a relationship which will provides the opportunity for you to have a long customer while your reader reaps the rewards of gaining valuable knowledge pertaining to what you are writing about.

The next benefit of article marketing is the fact that you get to build a large number of backlinks via the articles you submit.  There are a number of article directories on the web and you could submit to all of them and get virtually hundreds of backlinks by doing so.  The caution is this method is to not mass submit the same exact content to every directory.  Google will only take one of those articles and count it as a link.

Mult-purposing your article content is another advantage of article marketing.  In fact with the number of opportunities you have to use the same article under different media, you’ve just multiplied the benefits of article marketing just with this one action.  After writing your article, create a PDF of it, or incorporate it with other content in and e-book you can distribute.  Make a power point of your article, create a video and submit it to sites such as Veoh, Youtube, or Metacafe.  Next, take you content and create a podcast to deliver via the web.  Image the free traffic you can get from doing this with just one article.

And finally, the biggest advantage of article marketing is the fact that the traffic is FREE!!! Hey there aren’t many things in life that are free these days but certainly this is one of them.  All the exposure provided by the actions above will bring you visitors, and they are all comming at no cost to you.  Now that’s some pretty cool advertising.

So while writing articles may make you shudder, once you realize the benefits of article marketing, that will surely help relieve your discomfort when it comes to writing one.

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Article Marketing Made Easy – 7 Simple Steps to Write an Article That Brings Traffic

Applying 7 simple steps is the whole concept of article marketing made easy in a

article marketing made easy

article marketing made easy in 7 simple step

nutshell.  And the idea that promoting products by of articles is a breeze by using this technique, still holds true even if you cringe at the idea of putting words down on paper…or electronic pad to write an article.  In fact, you’ll find when applying these seven things that writing your article to market a product is as easy to do as the color the picture by number books you had when you were a kid.  And you may find it just as much fun as well.

Of course just as in any type of online marketing, finding a good keyword starts the whole article marketing made easy process.  And though the topic is relative to article marketing for the purposes of this composition, we are going to save it for a later conversation.  As for now though, we’ll begin our seven step process knowing we’ve got a kick@$$ keyword we can rank for and all we need to do is write the articles to bring the traffic.

From there, the seven step concept of article marketing made easy involve these actions.

  • Stay focused and relevant to topic – It’s important to put yourself in the mind of the readers of your article.  That’s easy when all you have to consider is what you like to read.  I’m guessing what you like is an article that has good information that’s relevant and stays focused on the title.  Don’t take off on a tangent or you’ll lose your reader.
  • Write as if you are talking to the person reading the article, tell a funny story – The guest coming to your article would rather be talked to rather than talked at.  Make the conversation engaging and entertaining by telling a relevant story or give an analogy that directly tied to the topic of the paragraph or story.
  • Keep article easy to read with short concise sentences and paragraphs limited to 3 or 4 sentences long – Articles where the sentence length and number of sentences per paragraph are limited are easier to read.  Article posts with lengthy paragraphs and long carryon sentences are going to only want to make your reader carry on to someone else’s article before finishing yours.
  • Use bullet point with bolded topics – Have you ever been in a hurry when you’re searching for something online.  Did I hear you give a resounding, “ALWAYS?”  The truth is most people are which is why they usually skim through an article without reading every word.  In that skimming process, if bullet points such as you see in this post cover the concept, you’re more than likely to not only grab but keep your reader’s attention to the end…and that is ultimately where you want them.  Think of how easy writing an article is when you’re dealing mainly with bullet points.
  • Spend time creating a captivating title – Let’s say for example you were looking to get information about how to build muscle fast.  So you searched online and found two articles.  One article was titled, “How to Build Muscle Fast” and the other was titled, “How to Pack on Pounds of Rock Hard Muscle in a Matter of Days.”  Which one would you click on?  I’m guessing choice number 2.  Now, these aren’t the best example but you can see which one almost navigates your mouse automatically to be clicked on.
  • Use spell check before submitting the article – One of the ideas of writing an article is to get the reader to trust you and believe you as an expert.  Having an article with poor grammar and bad spelling won’t build up that repoire.
  • Create a resource box that tells a little about you but tells a lot about how you are going to solve their problem – The resource being the call to action, this is where you want to shine.  Look at it like this.  The idea of “article marketing made easy” is like going fishing.  The title is throwing your line in the water, the article body is the bait to get your readers to bite…and the resource box is where you hookem’ and reel them in.  Having trust in you as the writer does have its place.  But the reader isn’t buying because of you…They are buying because of what you can do for them.

The steps outlined above will help even the most timid or shy writer be able to create quality content, that readers with want to read, with ease.  These are the concepts behind the theory of article marketing made easy.

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