Beware of Make Money Online Scams – 5 Signs to Look for

In a time when people are desperate for work or looking for a way to make more money, there are a lot of “make money online scams.”  And these schemes are taking hard earned money out of the hands of innocent folks such as those who are out of work and searching for a job, those who are seeking a better career opportunity, and even individuals such as stay at home moms.make money online scams

While internet marketing does provide a legitimate income from working online, several other types of advertised online jobs do not and can be considered one of the many “make money online” scams.  Here are some things to look for to avoid these types of scams.

  • “Easy Get Rich Quick While Working from Home” promo – While there is great financial potential in internet marketing, it does require effort on the marketer’s part.  Be leery of any advertised job that promises online fortune with little to no effort.
  • Employer e-mails that are loaded with spelling and grammatical errors -Online scams are often perpetrated by individuals outside of the U.S.  As a result, English skills and proper knowledge of the English language is lacking.  “Make money online” scams will give way to close scrutiny of these types of e-mails.
  • A job the requires you to send money – Sending money to get information makes you extremely susceptible to online fraud.  Use caution when asked to send money for information and strictly avoid any position where wiring money is required.
  • A job promising something in return for your personal information – Sending your personal information is like opening the door to Pandora’s box with a guarantee of all things bad coming your way.  This holds especially true when the information pertains to a social security number or bank account information.
  • Salary and benefits offered seem too good to be true – The old adage that if it’s too good to be true it probably is remains as true today as the day it was first spoken.  When it comes to make money online scams, this is about as viable a test as there is.  Pay close attention to the intuitive signal inside you that goes off when hearing the offers that are too good to be true.

To ensure you’re working with a legitimate company check with the Better Business Bureau.  Doing so and paying attention to the steps above will help you to avoid any make money online scams that are out there.

Internet marketing is a way to earn a real living working online that allows for a great deal of potential.  Wealthy Affiliate University is one of those legitimate businesses that will help get you there.

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