Benefits of Article Marketing – 5 Huge Benefits of Marketing Via Writing Articles

The benefits of article marketing are the main reason why this type of promotion is a favorite of online marketers.  Even if these marketers are not fans of writing articles themselves, they certainly appreciate the of article marketing as a viable marketing tool.  Upon reading these benefits, you’ll be able to see why marketing articles should be included as part of your internet marketing plan as well.

Here are 5 great benefits of article marketing:

First and foremost, if you are trying to create a brand for yourself or even simply establish trust between you and your reader/potential customer, writing articles allow you to do that.  By reading your written words and seeing what quality information you have to offer, your reader with come to trust you and see you as an expert.  This helps build a relationship which will provides the opportunity for you to have a long customer while your reader reaps the rewards of gaining valuable knowledge pertaining to what you are writing about.

The next benefit of article marketing is the fact that you get to build a large number of backlinks via the articles you submit.  There are a number of article directories on the web and you could submit to all of them and get virtually hundreds of backlinks by doing so.  The caution is this method is to not mass submit the same exact content to every directory.  Google will only take one of those articles and count it as a link.

Mult-purposing your article content is another advantage of article marketing.  In fact with the number of opportunities you have to use the same article under different media, you’ve just multiplied the benefits of article marketing just with this one action.  After writing your article, create a PDF of it, or incorporate it with other content in and e-book you can distribute.  Make a power point of your article, create a video and submit it to sites such as Veoh, Youtube, or Metacafe.  Next, take you content and create a podcast to deliver via the web.  Image the free traffic you can get from doing this with just one article.

And finally, the biggest advantage of article marketing is the fact that the traffic is FREE!!! Hey there aren’t many things in life that are free these days but certainly this is one of them.  All the exposure provided by the actions above will bring you visitors, and they are all comming at no cost to you.  Now that’s some pretty cool advertising.

So while writing articles may make you shudder, once you realize the benefits of article marketing, that will surely help relieve your discomfort when it comes to writing one.

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