Article Marketing Made Easy – 7 Simple Steps to Write an Article That Brings Traffic

Applying 7 simple steps is the whole concept of article marketing made easy in a

article marketing made easy

article marketing made easy in 7 simple step

nutshell.  And the idea that promoting products by of articles is a breeze by using this technique, still holds true even if you cringe at the idea of putting words down on paper…or electronic pad to write an article.  In fact, you’ll find when applying these seven things that writing your article to market a product is as easy to do as the color the picture by number books you had when you were a kid.  And you may find it just as much fun as well.

Of course just as in any type of online marketing, finding a good keyword starts the whole article marketing made easy process.  And though the topic is relative to article marketing for the purposes of this composition, we are going to save it for a later conversation.  As for now though, we’ll begin our seven step process knowing we’ve got a kick@$$ keyword we can rank for and all we need to do is write the articles to bring the traffic.

From there, the seven step concept of article marketing made easy involve these actions.

  • Stay focused and relevant to topic – It’s important to put yourself in the mind of the readers of your article.  That’s easy when all you have to consider is what you like to read.  I’m guessing what you like is an article that has good information that’s relevant and stays focused on the title.  Don’t take off on a tangent or you’ll lose your reader.
  • Write as if you are talking to the person reading the article, tell a funny story – The guest coming to your article would rather be talked to rather than talked at.  Make the conversation engaging and entertaining by telling a relevant story or give an analogy that directly tied to the topic of the paragraph or story.
  • Keep article easy to read with short concise sentences and paragraphs limited to 3 or 4 sentences long – Articles where the sentence length and number of sentences per paragraph are limited are easier to read.  Article posts with lengthy paragraphs and long carryon sentences are going to only want to make your reader carry on to someone else’s article before finishing yours.
  • Use bullet point with bolded topics – Have you ever been in a hurry when you’re searching for something online.  Did I hear you give a resounding, “ALWAYS?”  The truth is most people are which is why they usually skim through an article without reading every word.  In that skimming process, if bullet points such as you see in this post cover the concept, you’re more than likely to not only grab but keep your reader’s attention to the end…and that is ultimately where you want them.  Think of how easy writing an article is when you’re dealing mainly with bullet points.
  • Spend time creating a captivating title – Let’s say for example you were looking to get information about how to build muscle fast.  So you searched online and found two articles.  One article was titled, “How to Build Muscle Fast” and the other was titled, “How to Pack on Pounds of Rock Hard Muscle in a Matter of Days.”  Which one would you click on?  I’m guessing choice number 2.  Now, these aren’t the best example but you can see which one almost navigates your mouse automatically to be clicked on.
  • Use spell check before submitting the article – One of the ideas of writing an article is to get the reader to trust you and believe you as an expert.  Having an article with poor grammar and bad spelling won’t build up that repoire.
  • Create a resource box that tells a little about you but tells a lot about how you are going to solve their problem – The resource being the call to action, this is where you want to shine.  Look at it like this.  The idea of “article marketing made easy” is like going fishing.  The title is throwing your line in the water, the article body is the bait to get your readers to bite…and the resource box is where you hookem’ and reel them in.  Having trust in you as the writer does have its place.  But the reader isn’t buying because of you…They are buying because of what you can do for them.

The steps outlined above will help even the most timid or shy writer be able to create quality content, that readers with want to read, with ease.  These are the concepts behind the theory of article marketing made easy.

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