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Christmas with Jolene and Haley

I started my internet marketing journey a few years back.  This excursion came at a time in my life when I was looking for a change, something different.  I wanted to improve not only who I was at the time but also where I was at in life.  It was a learning curve I have to admit because I started out knowing absolutely nothing and had no guide to show me the way.

After about a year of trying and being a victim of the “shiny object” syndrome, I finally stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate.  That’s when the ball started rolling and I made my first sale.  I learned about the various aspects of internet marketing and receive valuable guidance from marketers who really knew this stuff and were happy to provide help when it was asked for.   Plus, through that membership I had so many tools and resources at my fingertips, I really had no choice but to succeed.  (Thanks Wealthy Affiliate!)

Today, I can say I am a better person and…a successful affiliate.  I have a variety of sites on the web as well as a number of articles posted that all contribute to my income.  In addition, I help promote off-line sites on the internet to get their website better search engine rankings.  (I have to admit, getting site to the number 1 position in Google is like a game that I love to play…and it really pays off too!)

That’s probably about all I can say that you really would care to know.  Other than in that picture, yea that’s me and my little girl Haley.  Life has been wonderful since I became an affiliate marketer.  I can honestly say I don’t regret one moment of making this decision.  And I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without Wealthy Affiliate.

If you’re ready for a change in your life, use this link and give Wealthy Affiliate a try by signing up right now.  It will be a choice you won’t regret either.  By the way…as a member, I get to meet you on the inside.  🙂

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