#1 Internet Marketing Training to Make Money

You have the opportunity…the power to change your life by starting a new business and make money online with internet marketing.  My goal is help you get everything you need to be successful in that endeavor.

There is only one resource on the web today that will give you all the tools you need, all in one place, at an affordable price in order to achieve that goal.  I believe Wealthy Affiliate provides that for you.   Here is my review.make money online doing internet marketing with Wealthy Affiliate

#1 Internet Marketing Training Site

Name: Wealthy Affiliate University

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
My Rank: #1 Online
Quality of Training: 9.5/10
Quality of Tools: 9/10
Cost for Quality: 10/10
Personal Support: 9.5/10
Overall Value: 10/10

I was introduced Wealthy Affiliate based on the input and recommendation of marketers I had come to know and trust.  They told me about all the tools Wealthy Affiliate (WA) had and the benefits it could offer.  Knowing where my weaknesses were and that WA provided resources in those areas, I decided to join.

I remember when I first logged into the site.  WOW!  That was the first thing that popped into my head.  I saw a list of tools on one tab that I traveled to 5 different sites for in the past just to access.  The forum was full of posts of marketers new and “old/experienced/successful” making comments asking and answering questions I had wondered about myself.  There was access to pre-built websites and easy website creator tools.

I felt like I had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I realized this place was the answer for me.

I started looking over all the services, tools, training, and forum posts.  I absorbed all I could for the day, then logged off.  I came right back to it the next day to learn even more.  In fact, I began the 8 week training course where I made huge strides in my internet marketing education.

Kyle and Carson are the masterminds behind this valuable resource provide personal attention. They have achieved huge success in online marketing and are committed to helping others do the same.  So much so that they directly responded to my private messages even.  Plus in there efforts to help others be successful, they are continually upgrading and improving WA.  In fact, in the two years of my membership with WA, they have made 3 major upgrade which have made life much easier for their members.

While there are a number of high marks for this site, there are a couple of notes I would want to mention.  With everything WA has to offer, admittedly the information can be a little overwhelming.  In addition, while every attempt is made to answer any questions you have, there may be an occasion when you do not get an answer when it is asked.  That won’t stop your progress but it can cause a little frustration which is quickly subsided when you realize you didn’t need that answer anyway to accomplish that task you were working on.

Here’s the bottom line.  I’ve tried other membership sites.  I’ve been a Rich Jerk member, Stone Evans, the Warrior Forum, and others.  While all of these are great sites, as well as many others out there, none can provide the quality of resources and training, quantity of resources and training, and affordability of the large number of resources and huge amount of training that Wealthy Affiliate provides.

So before you spend anymore of your valuable time looking for the internet marketing resources and training you need, go check out Wealthy Affiliate.  You’ll be glad you did.

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